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Welcome to Fertile Conversation!


Hello to all,

Over the past decade, I have had the privilege and pleasure to meet with hundreds of women and couples seeking treatment for infertility and recurrent pregnancy loss. Patients often come to their initial visit with trepidation and anxiety. And with good reason…they are about to discuss one of the most personal aspects of their lives and relationships. Further, many patients ‘feel helpless’ and lack control over this aspect of their lives. It is during this visit and the ones that follow that I empower patients with information, reassure them that they are not alone, and that their testing will be done in an efficient and methodical manner.

The first visit is nearly an hour long, where the rationale behind testing and possible treatment options is explained. Once a diagnosis is made, couples are provided as much information as they desire about their diagnosis and treatment options so that they can discuss these treatment options with one another and make their own final decision before undertaking any treatment. It is unfortunate that many people undertake treatment with what they later realize to be very limited information on their diagnosis and what treatment options are available.

The fact is, I truly understand what it feels like to have these feelings, make these decisions and undertake these treatments as I have been an infertility patient myself. I’ve done it all, from fertility medications and intrauterine inseminations to IVF. I know what it feels like to be unsuccessful. And, I know how wonderful it is when there’s a baby in your arms.

I think it is this personal experience that allows me to further connect with patients, understand their feelings, and strive for their success.

Thus, I have created this blog for fertile conversation, to discuss common issues faced by patients and to be a meaningful source of fertility information. It is my sincere hope that this conversation will give you insight, knowledge, and hope.

Best wishes on your journey from infertility to family.