IVF Success Rates

Numerous Happy Families

How do we measure success at STL Fertility? One healthy pregnancy and delivery at a time.

At STL Fertility the goal isn’t just getting our patients pregnant, it’s about a healthy pregnancy and successful delivery. We utilize a treatment paradigm focused on safety as much as success and utilize single embryo transfer (SET) with PGT-A for more than 80% of our IVF cases currently. Many of our hopeful parents will achieve success with treatments like IUI or even after a few cycles of Clomid. Not everyone gets IVF at STL Fertility. However, IVF treatment in combination with PGT-A, SET, and frozen embryo transfer (FET) to ensure the embryo and uterine environment are in synchrony, can provide IVF delivery rates that exceed 60% per cycle attempt.

A comparison of clinic success rates may not be meaningful because a patient’s medical characteristics, treatment approaches, and entrance criteria for assisted reproductive technology (ART) may vary from clinic to clinic. For the most up to date data on overall success rates, visit SART: Find a Clinic (sartcorsonline.com) to learn more.