IVF Success Rates

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How do we measure success at STL Fertility? One healthy pregnancy and delivery at a time.

At STL Fertility the goal isn’t just getting our patients pregnant, it’s about a healthy pregnancy and successful delivery. We utilize a treatment paradigm focused on safety as much as success and utilize single embryo transfer (SET) with PGT-A for more than 80% of our IVF cases currently. Many of our hopeful parents will achieve success with treatments like IUI or even after a few cycles of Clomid. Not everyone gets IVF at STL Fertility. However, IVF treatment in combination with PGT-A, SET, and frozen embryo transfer (FET) to ensure the embryo and uterine environment are in synchrony, can provide IVF delivery rates that exceed 60% per cycle attempt.

We’re very pleased to share our current IVF success rates.

2020 Clinical Pregnancy Rates

STL Fertility Internal Data; 2020 Clinical Pregnancy Rates All Patients (n=219).

A comparison of clinic success rates may not be meaningful because a patient’s medical characteristics, treatment approaches, and entrance criteria for assisted reproductive technology (ART) may vary from clinic to clinic. Visit https://www.sart.org to learn more.

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