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Trying to Conceive During the Holidays


December is a busy month, with holiday parties, year-end work events, and family dinners. If you’re also trying to conceive, it can feel even more stressful. Whether you are trying naturally or are following a fertility treatment plan, the reproductive specialists at SIRM St. Louis have some tips to get you through the hectic holiday season.

  • Know when you’re ovulating. Learn your cycle and use an ovulation predictor kit. If you’re ovulating smack dab in the middle of a family vacation, get a hotel room away from the others so you can have your privacy.
  • Avoid the alcohol. Skipping the booze is a wise choice when you are trying to conceive. If it’s been a few weeks since your last period, you could already be pregnant and not even know it!
  • Keep calm. The holidays stress some people out. If you are hosting, or cooking, or just get anxious around big crowds, try to take time each day to relax. Read a good book, watch a funny movie, or something else that keeps you sane. This is supposed to be a joyful time of year, so try to enjoy it.
  • Get active. We know this month is filled with shopping and get togethers, but your health should not be put on the back burner. Try to get at least 30 minutes of exercise, five days per week. Bonus: it can give you some much needed time away from your crazy relatives!
  • Eat healthy. This isn’t the easiest when we are tempted with so many goodies, but try to balance carbs with proteins, and stick to one small dessert. After all, you’re not eating for two yet!
  • Come up with a game plan. Do you have nosy friends or family members? Talk to your partner and decide how you will handle questions about growing your family. Will you politely say, “We are enjoying this time together right now,” or will you give them all the details?
  • Don’t give up. It can be hard to see new babies and happy families when you desperately want one of your own, but keep on trying! Maybe those babies were conceived through fertility treatment, or after a year of trying. Be thankful for what you have and know that your time will come.

If you would like the help of a fertility doctor, our St. Louis specialists would love to create a personalized plan for you. Contact us to schedule a consultation.