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The Bond of Sisterhood


National Sister’s Day on Sunday, August 7th

National Sister’s Day on Sunday, August 7th celebrates the unique bond between sisters whether you’re bound by family, friendship, or a common experience like infertility.

As the only all-female, female-owned fertility center in Saint Louis we know a thing or two about sisterhood at STL Fertility. Dr. Maureen Schulte shared her appreciation for her work sister, “When Dr. Dayal and I decided to buy the practice and relaunch it as STL Fertility we had to lean on each other personally and professionally. That bond of friendship, sisterhood and our shared commitment to our patients is part of what makes our practice special.”

Sisterhood is a bond that is often stronger than others, and National Sister’s Day is typically celebrated on the first Sunday in August. Some celebrate the day with a nice meal out, a funny text, flowers, or a simple reminder of appreciation from one woman to another.

With National Sister’s Day in mind, I encourage all patients who might need a pick-me-up to reach out to a sister – family or friend. Or reach out to anyone of us here and just talk. Trying to get pregnant can be an emotional time and having a few “sisters” around can help,“ offered Dr. Dayal.

Sisterhood is not limited to the boundaries of familial love, as friends and other non-blood-related loved ones can be considered chosen family. Female friendships include many components of sisterhood. Coworkers who share a common drive and inspiration also may be included in this category, as some women see their coworkers more often than their immediate family.

But what happens when two sisters work together like Elizabeth and Emily Blackwell? Elizabeth Blackwell was the first female M.D. in the U.S. in 1848 but her sister Emily also became one of the early female physicians and together they did great things!

The Blackwell sisters, along with Marie Zakrzewska, founded what is now known as New York-Presbyterian / Lower Manhattan Hospital in less than 10 years after getting her degree. It was the first hospital run by women and the first hospital dedicated to serving women and children.

The bond sisterhood creates is unwavering and fierce. Not only is National Sister’s Day an opportunity to express gratitude for your sisters, but it’s also an opportunity to celebrate the triumphs and strength of your sisters and important female figures in your life.

We owe it to each other as women to continue to hold each other up and encourage other women to do the same. There is no bond more valuable than that of friendship and combined with sisterhood, it’s a bond that’s twice as strong and virtually unbreakable. Regardless of who or why you’re celebrating National Sister’s Day today, it’s important to recognize the importance of sisterhood, and the unbreakable bond it creates for life.