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Is Summer the Best Time for IVF?


Extended daylight hours, warm sunshine and long weekends are hallmarks of a good summer and help to lift people’s spirits during the season. But did you know summer is also the ideal season for IVF? It turns out that it’s not just animals who have higher conception rates during the warmer months of spring and summer – a woman’s chance of ovulating and conception is also higher in the spring and summer months! Research presented to the American Society of Reproductive Medicine showed a difference in conception rates from 7.5% in winter to 15.7% in summer, according to a study performed in Liverpool, England.

Historically, and before the advent of modern birth control, natural birth rates show seasonal trends, but now researchers are also seeing this trend in IVF. Implantation of the embryo into the uterus and completion of a successful pregnancy was significantly higher during the months with most daylight – 20% compared to 16%. Melatonin plays a part in affecting reproductive tissues to make women more fertile. While it is not so much about a defined season, the amount of daylight in the given month matters and the summer months tend to provide the most.

Main Benefits of IVF during the Summer

      Improved Mood

Of course, there are stressful times for us all throughout the year, but in general, people are happier and less anxious in the summertime (the living’s easy right?).

As we mentioned the amount of sunlight (and vitamin D) over the summer can impact your ability to conceive. For women who start IVF over the summer, this means they’re less stressed out which is a big bonus as stress often negatively affects IVF success.

     Longer Hours

The daylight hours last longer in summer, which means more quality time to spend with your partner. You can also take more time to focus on you. Journal, take your healthy lifestyle outside, or take up a new hobby together! Having a support system is important when you’re going through IVF treatment.

     More Open Schedule

Vacations and half day Fridays; it’s more expected that you’ll take some time off over the summer. With a more open schedule, you’ll have less stress and can focus on your summertime IVF cycle.

Ready to Start IVF this Summer?

Despite the research indicating higher chances of a successful implantation in months with more daylight hours, it is important to move forward with IVF when the time is right for you and your partner. Ultimately, a woman’s age is one of the biggest factors contributing to the success of an IVF cycle. Waiting six months or a year until lighter months could actually negatively affect IVF treatment if a woman is on the cusp of 35 years or older.

The SIRM St. Louis Fertility team is compassionate about helping you conceive, regardless of the time of year or amount of sunlight available. The baby of your dreams is waiting for you. Please contact our office to learn more about IVF and getting started on building your family.