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Happy PRIDE Month – and a Baby Announcement!


There are two things we can’t get enough of at STL Fertility – love and babies. That’s why we’re jumping for joy at the news that former *NSync singer Lance Bass and husband Michael Turchin are expecting!

The musician shared the news on his TikTok page through a funny horror movie trailer (starring him and his husband) called ‘Two Buns in the Oven.’ Their boy/girl twins, who are each biologically related to one of their fathers, are due in November via a gestational surrogate.

Making this baby announcement even sweeter is that it comes right at the beginning of PRIDE month – when we celebrate identity, love and family-building in the LGBTQ community – and that it caps off four years of In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) struggles for the famous pair.

During that time, they’ve gone through a few egg donors, at least two gestational surrogates, and an unfortunate miscarriage. Bass has been open about his journey and told PEOPLE in an exclusive interview that while it hasn’t been easy, he’s grateful that science has advanced to the point of allowing him and his husband to fulfill their parenting dreams.

“I think it’s just amazing that science has gotten this far where we can make the healthiest human beings ever,” Bass said about choosing chromosomally normal embryos to implant. “And I hope in our lifetime, we’ll be able to see the whole world be able to do this.”

In his case, that means co-IVF or co-In Vitro Fertilization. For gay male couples, co-IVF consists of fertilizing two sets of eggs with sperm from each of the partners in hopes of making healthy embryos that have a genetic relationship to each of the male partners and to each other through the egg donor. In this case, the future babies, carried by a gestational surrogate, would be half-siblings, each related to one of their fathers.

Co-IVF is also possible with lesbian couples that choose to use one partner’s eggs to make embryos (with a sperm donor) and the other partner’s uterus to carry the pregnancy. Co-IVF is a wonderful way for LGBTQ couples to share in the remarkable family-building experience.

No matter your situation, Dr. Molina Dayal, Dr. Maureen Schulte, nurse practitioner Melanie Miranda and the rest of the STL Fertility family are here to help you grow your yours!