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Five Tips for Traveling with Fertility Medications this Summer


Undergoing fertility treatments can be stressful. It may be beneficial for you and your partner to unwind with a relaxing summer getaway. And don’t worry, your fertility medications can come along for the trip too! To help plan a summer vacation around your fertility treatment schedule, check out these tips from the reproductive specialists at SIRM St. Louis.

  1. Check with your fertility physician to see if there are any important upcoming appointments. Note those dates to be sure you will be back in time for those appointments.
  2. If you plan on flying, contact the airline to discuss bringing your medications and supplies in order to keep up with your fertility treatment routine. Get a doctor’s note to bring with you just in case anyone has questions.
  3. Pack your medications and supplies safely. If they need to be kept cool, store in a lunch bag with freezer packs. And keep them in your carry on, in case your checked luggage gets lost in transit.
  4. Bring extra medication and supplies! It’s important to account for delays or travel changes that may occur.
  5. Research your travel destination to find a pharmacy nearby. See if your medical team also has a recommendation for doctors or hospitals in that area in case you have an emergency while away.

With these tips in mind, fertility patients can safely take vacations away from home without disrupting their treatment schedule. So, go ahead and take that trip with your significant other, because soon enough you will have another one joining you on vacation.

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