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First time talking with a fertility doctor in Saint Louis? Let’s chat!


For many hopeful parents from across St. Louis and the Midwest, a diagnosis of infertility or the mere mention of the word can be overwhelming. Around every corner and conversation is the question of “why are we having trouble getting pregnant?” or “why me?”

At STL Fertility most patients come to us from the referral of a family member, friend, or their OB/GYN. After months, maybe years, of frustration and looking up terms like IUI, Clomid, or IVF it’s time for your first fertility clinic consultation. Great, you took the first step!

Now you’re bound to have a lot of questions, some of which you’ll forget the moment you’re sitting in front of your doctor. So here are a few questions we recommend you ask when researching fertility care and feel free to print and bring to your new patient consultation.

  • How long will it take to diagnose your infertility issues?
  • What specific tests will be part of your fertility work up?
  • How long will it take from work-up to starting our first cycle?
  • What types of fertility treatments does the clinic offer and why?
  • Does my insurance cover infertility treatments like IVF?
  • What kind of out-of-pocket costs should I expect?
  • Where do you report your fertility success rates and what should we expect for our age?
  • What time does your center open for morning monitoring?
  • Does the center offer a patient advisor or advocate that I can contact during care?
  • Does the center routinely offer PGT-A, single embryo transfer, and or frozen embryo transfer?

These questions are just starting points. As you and your doctor discuss your situation and the best treatment for you and your partner, ask questions as they come to mind, and don’t be afraid to take notes or ask your doctor to explain something you’re confused or worried about. They are there for you! Knowledge is power, so ask as many questions as you need.