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Fertility Struggles During Father’s Day


Infertility is too often associated with women, but men also have fertility struggles. And men dealing with infertility may be dreading the upcoming Father’s Day holiday. Although it may seem like a cruel reminder that you don’t have children of your own, don’t despair, the reproductive specialists at SIRM St. Louis fertility clinic discuss ways to cope and celebrate the day even without kids.

  • Talk about it. Whether you want to talk to a friend who has been through infertility or a professional, being able to vent can help relieve some stress around Father’s Day and beyond.
  • Connect with your partner. Your partner is going through the same feelings of depression over not having a family to celebrate yet. Take this weekend to reconnect and put the infertility concerns on the back burner. Enjoy a home-cooked meal, go camping, see a comedy show, or any other activity you both enjoy to take your mind off of Father’s Day.
  • Get together with other child-less friends. Enjoy video games, movies, or a BBQ at home with other guys or couples who don’t have children yet. Children probably will not be a common topic of conversation, so if you want to avoid those thoughts, consider a guy’s day away from the crowds.
  • Seek help. If you and your partner have been trying for six months to a year, it is time to see a fertility doctor. The physicians at SIRM St. Louis can help develop a personalized fertility treatment plan to help you achieve your dreams of growing your family.