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Fertility Resolutions for the New Year


Is 2020 the year you get pregnant? If you’re hoping to conceive, make a New Year’s resolution to improve your fertility health. The reproductive doctors at SIRM St. Louis fertility clinic discuss the top resolutions to consider for a fertile new year.

  • Eat healthier. Start the new year with lots of fruits, veggies, whole grains, and lean protein. You and your partner should get as many nutrients and antioxidants from your food as possible.
  • Take vitamins. Whatever you are lacking in the form of your diet, you can make it up with a multivitamin. Bonus points for visiting the doctor and seeing what they recommend, such as folic acid for women, or any additional supplements that are specific to you.
  • Get active. Exercise and a healthy diet will help you achieve a healthy BMI. Being overweight can hinder your ability to get pregnant. Find a workout that you and your partner can do together, such as biking or jogging. Moderate exercise for men may improve sperm, while women who exercise have higher rates of conceiving. Just don’t over do it, intense daily exercise and being underweight may have a negative impact on fertility.
  • De-stress. Find new ways to decompress this year because stress can hinder you chances of conceiving. Try meditation, yoga, massage, or acupuncture the next time you find yourself stressing out.
  • Be kind. Struggling with infertility can take a toll on your emotional state. Be kind to yourself. Infertility is not your fault, so don’t put the blame on yourself or your partner. If you are feeling alone or depressed, seek out a support group or therapist.
  • Stay positive. Getting pregnant takes time. If it didn’t happen this month, think positive and try again next month. If you have been unsuccessful after six months to one year, schedule a consultation with one of our fertility experts at SIRM St. Louis. Our fertility clinic will come up with a treatment plan to help you bring home baby.