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Fertility Minute: What is RPL?


RPL stands for recurrent pregnancy loss. This is a diagnosis given to women who have had 2 or more clinical pregnancy losses (miscarriages). Clinical pregnancy losses are those pregnancies seen on ultrasound or examined after the mother miscarries.

15-25% of women experience a miscarriage (#1in4) and that risk increases as the mother ages. Only 5% of women will have 2 consecutive miscarriages (back to back ) and only 1% of women will have 3 or more consecutive miscarriages.

Chromosomal anomalies of the pregnancy (abnormal genetic content of the baby) is the number one reason women miscarry. Even one pregnancy loss is too much. The silver lining is that 50-70% of couples with RPL will go on to deliver a healthy baby with their subsequent pregnancy. IF you have experienced miscarriage and ESPECIALLY if you meet the criteria for Recurrent Pregnancy Loss, talk to your healthcare provider about a full workup and treatment options. Remember – you are not alone and this is not your fault. Knowledge is Power and the first step is finding support.