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Fertility Minute: What is an IUI?


An Intrauterine Insemination or IUI is a procedure in which processed and concentrated sperm are placed directly into the uterus (or womb) using a catheter (long skinny tube). This procedure increases the likelihood of getting pregnant because the maximal amount of sperm are being placed into the uterus and bypassing the vagina and the cervix. Thus, it increases the amount of sperm that actually get into the uterus and increases the chances of conception.

The sperm still have to make it into the fallopian tube to meet with the egg (or oocyte) and create an embryo (cellular baby). However, doing an IUI helps them because it makes their journey to the egg a bit easier and shorter!

IUI’s are done in the office setting and the woman is awake for the procedure. A speculum is placed into the vagina (just like having a pap smear) and the catheter (long skinny tube) is placed through the cervix and the sperm is put into the uterus. It is a very quick procedure and painless for most women.