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Fertility Minute: Ovarian Reserve – AFC (Antral Follicle Count)


AFC or Antral follicle count is another way to assess ovarian reserve. Antral follicles are the small (2-9mm) follicles in your ovaries. Each antral follicle has the potential to grow into a dominant follicle and release an egg (or oocyte) each month.

To get an AFC, REI or OB GYN doctors perform a transvaginal ultrasound (ultrasound probe in the vagina) to visualize the ovaries on the ultrasound machine and then we simply count how many follicles each ovary contains. We like the total number to be above 7. Again, ovarian reserve tests don’t tell us if you CAN or CANNOT have a baby, but they give us an idea of your reproductive potential. 🥚 ➡️ 🐣 ➡️ 🐥