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Fertility Minute: Infertility and Coffee!


I’m a coffee-holic. LOVE Coffee. But I know that everything should be consumed in moderation…..and I’m trying 😂. But what about coffee consumption when undergoing fertility treatments?

A recent study from Denmark looked at the impact of female daily coffee consumption on successful fertility treatment. They studied a total of 1,708 women undergoing fertility treatment (Intrauterine insemination (IUI) or In vitro Fertilization (IVF). They looked at how many cups of coffee were consumed daily and measured clinical pregnancy and live birth rates.

What did they find? That daily coffee consumption did not seem to affect the chance of achieving a clinical pregnancy and live birth in women undergoing IVF. In women undergoing IUI – women who had daily coffee consumption of 1-5 cups were more likely to achieve a clinical pregnancy and live birth!

Should you start guzzling coffee if undergoing IUI? NO! The take home message is: Moderate coffee consumption is fine when undergoing fertility treatment. The March of Dimes recommends 200 mg of caffeine consumption a day when you achieve pregnancy so I recommend following that rule when undergoing fertility treatment. 200 mg a day = 1 12 oz cup of coffee.

Happy coffee drinking ☕️