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Fertility Minute: Female Athlete Triad


Today’s topic is the Female Athlete Triad – this diagnosis is given to women who are physically active and have an “energy imbalance” meaning they are using more energy than they are consuming. These women are usually very fit and dedicated to their sport. This energy imbalance can lead to irregular menstrual cycles and decreased bone density. So the “triad” refers to:

  1. Energy Imbalance
  2. Irregular periods
  3. Decreased bone density

People with female athlete triad can be of normal or low weight. If you are an athlete and you think this may apply to you, realize that this diagnosis can affect your future fertility (making it harder to get pregnant) and the strength of your bones (leading to increase risk of fractures and osteoporosis). Talk to your healthcare provider on how you can best protect yourself and still dominate your sport!! It’s possible 😉