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Elective Egg Freezing


There are many reasons women may wish to put off having a family. Sometimes a medical procedure such as radiation is required, before you even had the chance to think about getting pregnant. Or you are laser-focused on getting that promotion by the end of the year. SIRM fertility center in St. Louis offers fertility preservation options for every type of situation. Don’t allow your eggs to age as you wait for the perfect time to conceive—freeze your eggs today!

Elective egg freezing is the perfect solution for any women who may want to grow her family in the future. Freezing your eggs while young gives you the best chance of a successful pregnancy later in life. So, don’t delay, the sooner you preserve your fertility, the better your odds in the future.

Contact the doctors at SIRM in St. Louis to get started on the fertility preservation process, which will include an initial consultation and blood work. Then, you will receive fertility hormone injections to stimulate the ovaries in order to retrieve your eggs. Then our specialists freeze the eggs or embryos. When you are ready to conceive, our doctors will help with the thawing and transferring process.

Don’t let cancer, education, careers, or other reasons decrease your chances of a healthy pregnancy and baby, allow us to freeze your eggs for future use.